March 31, 2012, 5:19 am
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Philadelphia is the best sports city hands down! Too have every stadium in walking distance from each other…and only a 15 minute subway ride from the city incredible. Now Philadelphia has added Xfinity Live directly in the middle of the stadiums. A hand full of crazy bars, gigantic screens and more than enough food makes going to the game worth it even if you don’t have a ticket. Check out the details at the link below…its impressive, loud and chaotic….all qualities I love.


The grand opening was set off by a free concert by Third Eye Blind. I didn’t know about this show til a few hours before it started. I phoned a few friends and found some willing to head down…it was worth it. I danced to some classics and was able to see one of my favorite bands. How can you not like Third Eye Blind.

I was also able to snap a few photos.Image

After the show I was decently drunk and headed to Chickies and Petes and stuffed my face with mussels, crab legs, wings cheese fries and few more beers. That was my idea of heaven.

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Back in December 2010 I put up a post on FOXY SHAZAM performing in San Diego, CA


…well I was finally able to reconnect with them on the opposite coast. I recently saw them perform at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia, PA. The place was no larger then a decent sized studio apartment and I had to dodge heads, hands and people dancing to grab a few photos (while still remembering to dance a lil myself.


After the show I was able to have a brief conversation with the lead singer, Eric Sean Nally. I was able to pass along my business card which features a picture of Foxy Shazam from their show in San Diego, CA. I hope it brings me more work, but I did it more a sign of admiration of their music. I hope they found it a compliment that I would feature them on an object that I would hand to the world.

Check out the link below to see their latest video for “I Like It”.

FOXY SHAZAM – I LIKE IT http://youtu.be/4rz4I69mQMo

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March 30, 2012, 5:01 am
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…I ran into Pineapple’s Dining Room. I have no background info and was unable to get inside. I do feel as if it was once a spot for soul food and warmth when it was open…most likely a small family run business. Its a shame that a spot like this can’t survive.



Im baaaaaack!!!

Here’s a short preview of a building I explored earlier today. I only got an hour before the sunset. So I will be going back and shooting more, and a full post will be up soon. Future shoots are in the works as well.

Thanks you to everyone who is still following Urban Setting…even though I’ve been way to quiet.