April 13, 2012, 3:04 am
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Happy Hallooooow….I mean Easter…HAPPY EASTER!!!!!


Before do anything click the link below…its a much needed soundtrack for the read


Easter sunday was full of bodies that resurrected from the dead and took to South st to get drunk. Hundreds of zombies roamed the streets and made the families enjoying a nice easter dinner confused, worried and mortified. There were everything from zombies enjoying a nice dinner to zombies posted at the bar to zombies dancing the night away. I took part in all three.


This was probably not for the religious at heart. I am not religious and still felt slightly guilty.


Plenty of blood , brains and chaos for one of my more weird easter sundays.


Til next time.


April 9, 2012, 2:07 am
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Gabe Saporta & DJ Jeffrey Tonneson rocked the first City Six Thursdays at Xfinity Life last thursday. That night made me fall in love with that place. I went through every club atmosphere from beer hall to country music bar to electronic dance hall to your wildes imagination, and it was all in the same building. The place was packed with thousands of attractive men and women all just looking for a good time.



Xfinity Live is perfect for a night out and for a place to watch your philly sports team if you dont have tickets. I will be at Xfinity Live for all the flyers playoffs games. I fell in love with that place and if your from philly I suggest you check it out. My favorite bar in Xfinity Live is PBR Bar and Grill. Its a straight drinking country bar with a mechanical bull in the middle. I’m not a fan of country music, but I love country bars. Something about them are always wild and everything about drinking and being at worst/best.


Please…if your in philly…Check out Xfinity Live.

Til next time….

April 8, 2012, 12:20 am
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Englands own A Silent Film just made their return to Philadelphia, PA to perform at Union Transfer. This was the first time I saw them since the Radio 104.5 Summer Concert at The Piazza. This show was a lot more intimate and personable. The band was incredibly grateful and expressed their love for Philadelphia, and that we brought them their biggest club show on their US tour.


A Silent Film’s sound is addicting. The singers voice is perfect and when accompanied by the rest of the band creates a unique and intriguing sound. No instrument over powers any of the others, and they all seem to always play with each other. This is band isn’t nearly as big as they should be.


If you have any interest in Coldplay, Keane, Arcade Fire, Of Monsters and Men….indie rock in general…then please check out A Silent Film.

Take a second and check out their single at the link below…


Til next time.

April 5, 2012, 5:11 am
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Of Monsters and Men came through Philadelphia yesterday for two days to play at The TLA. To be honest, their song Little Talks began to really annoy me after hearing it several hundred times on the radio. With that said I still decided to listen to the rest of the work, which wasn’t much until their first CD was released two days ago. I quickly forgot about Little Talks and was hooked, listening to their songs on repeat for days.

I prefer their song Six Weeks.


This band has an amazing talent. Their sound is incredibly addictive. Their stage presence is very welcoming and you feel as if your at the venue to enjoy each other. Its been a long time since I’ve lost my self at a concert, I walked away from this show feeling refreshed.

Check out their video for Little Talks…even though I prefer some other songs…the visuals in the video are pretty interesting.

OMAM – Little Talks

Here is a live video of Six Weeks…just as good live as they are recorded

OMAM – Six Weeks (LIVE)

Til next time….

SIDENOTE: Too my followers looking for new explorations…they are coming.

March 31, 2012, 5:19 am
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Philadelphia is the best sports city hands down! Too have every stadium in walking distance from each other…and only a 15 minute subway ride from the city incredible. Now Philadelphia has added Xfinity Live directly in the middle of the stadiums. A hand full of crazy bars, gigantic screens and more than enough food makes going to the game worth it even if you don’t have a ticket. Check out the details at the link below…its impressive, loud and chaotic….all qualities I love.


The grand opening was set off by a free concert by Third Eye Blind. I didn’t know about this show til a few hours before it started. I phoned a few friends and found some willing to head down…it was worth it. I danced to some classics and was able to see one of my favorite bands. How can you not like Third Eye Blind.

I was also able to snap a few photos.Image

After the show I was decently drunk and headed to Chickies and Petes and stuffed my face with mussels, crab legs, wings cheese fries and few more beers. That was my idea of heaven.

Til next time….


Back in December 2010 I put up a post on FOXY SHAZAM performing in San Diego, CA


…well I was finally able to reconnect with them on the opposite coast. I recently saw them perform at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia, PA. The place was no larger then a decent sized studio apartment and I had to dodge heads, hands and people dancing to grab a few photos (while still remembering to dance a lil myself.


After the show I was able to have a brief conversation with the lead singer, Eric Sean Nally. I was able to pass along my business card which features a picture of Foxy Shazam from their show in San Diego, CA. I hope it brings me more work, but I did it more a sign of admiration of their music. I hope they found it a compliment that I would feature them on an object that I would hand to the world.

Check out the link below to see their latest video for “I Like It”.

FOXY SHAZAM – I LIKE IT http://youtu.be/4rz4I69mQMo

Til next time….


Plain and simple….Palladium boots has been my original inspiration for exploring abandoned buildings. I always found abandonments to be intriguing, but I started to take the exploring more serious after falling in love with the boots and Palladiums backbone and style. Palladium recently released a new video with Pharrell exploring Tokyo. It has been out for sometime and is definitely worth a look. The video is a great insight into the art culture and society of Tokyo after the tragedy from the earthquake and tsunami on 3/11. TOKYO RISING also explores some amazing abandonments inside a city full of technology and color.



This recent video also inspired me to pick up a new pair of boots. The BLACK LEATHER BAGGY GUSSET. They are currently in the mail and will hopefully be in my hands (on my feet) soon.


So head on over to Palladiums website and check out their new video TOKYO RISING. Just follow the link below.



Ill be uploading some of my own explorations soon.

Thanks for reading.