Location: Philadelphia, PA

With new cities come new adventures. My new move to Philadelphia is going to supply a whole new stomping ground of architecture and culture to explore. Keep in touch and keep checking URBANSETTING.

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LOCATION: Downtown; San Diego, CA

A street art enthusiasts dream has been on display in downtown San Diego…welcome to part one of my two part review.

An exhibit titled VIVA LA REVOLUCION: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape has been on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The exhibit boasts such big names as Banksy, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey and Invader. Those artists alone would draw me to pay the affordable $10 entry fee (free if your under 25 and discount tickets for students). Altogether, the exhibit brings together 20 artists from 10 countries. All of them are connected in their way of addressing urban issues. A full artist list is below.

Akay (Sweden) http://www.akayism.org

Banksy (UK) http://www.banksy.co.uk

Blu (Italy) http://www.blublu.org

Mark Bradford (US)

William Cordova (US)

Date Farmers (US) http://www.thedatefarmers.com

Stephen Doitschinoff  aka CALMA (Brazil) http://www.stephendoit.com.br

Dr Lakra (Mexico)

Dzine (Puerto Rico) http://www.dzinestudio.com

David Ellis (US) http://www.davidellis.org

FAILE (Canada) http://www.faile.net

Shepard Fairey (US) http://www.obeygiant.com

Invader (France) http://www.space-invaders.com

JR (France) http://www.jr-art.net

Barry Mcgee (US)

Ryan McGinness (US) http://www.ryanmcginness.com

Moris (Mexico)

Os Gemeos (Brazil) http://www.osgemeos.com.br/

Swoon (US)

Vhils (Portugal) http://www.alexandrefarto.com

When I lived in on the east coast, specifically New York, I was excited to hear that Banksy had a new piece somewhere hidden in the city. I would spend a day searching for a single piece of work, which was hopefully still untouched. Most of the time I was unsuccessful. I either could not find his work or the piece was destroyed. I was excited when Shepard Fairey had his exhibit in NY, and then I was unable to get to the show due to popularity. I at least was able to see his work on Houstown and Bowery. Oddly living in NY left my glimpses of famous street artists work were rare. So my excitement to hear such large names were on exhibit in my new town was incredible exciting.

I recently visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla and was disappointed in the work on display. The artists’ vision was in the right place, it just did not excite me. I decided to keep my expectations at a minimum for Viva La Revolucion. In a way I am glad I did because it made the realization of the scale of work that MCASD displayed was incredibly immense. I entered the gallery and was greeted by Shepard Faireys portraits of Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

It was fitting to have these two pieces be the first that I saw. I thought of it as incredibly humble of Shepard Fairey to not put an original work within the gallery, but have the portraits of two individuals who played a role in initiating the street art movement. It gave the rest of the exhibit a timeline of progress.

The room also featured a beautifully raw piece from DATE FARMERS, as well a sculpture from Mark Bradford which depicts changing demographics in southern California.

Located in the main room was a simple flat screen television playing looped videos made by Invader and Blu.

Invader used the streets of downtown San Diego as a grid with the help of a GPS tracking system he outlines the shape of an alien. Instead of using ceramic tiles, Invader uses city blocks to create his work. This is Invaders largest creation to date. The link below is a trailer to his video as well a link to an interview with Invader. Following the links a map depicting the outline of the space invader. Each red invader signifies a ceramic tile invader hidden around downtown San Diego. I have only found one so far…Ill keep looking.

LINK: Space Invader Walk Trailer

LINK: Interview with INVADER

The video by Invader was then followed by a piece created by Blu. The artist creates murals that are critical of industry and mass consumption. Blu commonly uses stop motion technology to bring his murals to life to span great distances. Blu incorporates architecture, trash, natural elements as well as paint in his work. In the piece “Big Bang Big Boom” he depicts the evolution of the universe and mankind, which eventually ends in our destruction. The piece seems to be never ending and Blu continually out does himself over and over again in this single video. It is best if you view the work your self. The link below will take you to the same video being shown in the exhibit

LINK: BLU – Big Bang Big Boom

My favorite part of the exhibit was the room almost completely dedicated to Banksy. There has been times when I lived in NYC were I would search for his work with no luck. One day in particular were I ended the day soaking wet. I was surprised to walk into one of the side rooms and be greeted by a wall of prints solely by him.

This exhibit wasn’t just limited to what was shown in the museum. As I left I was told about the walking tour around downtown San Diego. Several of the artists created murals and pieces through out the city of San Diego. I was handed a map of all the locations. I’ll be going more in depth in part two of this review.

The exhibit ends January 2nd. So I suggest you get to the museum as soon as possible. If you don’t live in the San Diego area then take a look at the official site.


Til next time….keep a look out for part two of this review….and thanks again for reading!

SPOTTED – DOLK on Metropolitan & Union

LOCATION: Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY

A new piece was just recently installed on Metropolitan & Union. The piece was done by DOLK. Its located next to Marci Park and is definitely worth a trip to Brooklyn to see in person.

DOLK currently has a show with M CITY at the Brooklynite Gallery in Bed Stuy. More info about the show can be found here (http://www.brooklynitegallery.com/).

More posts to come soon….


LOCATION: Chinatown – Manhattan, NY

It was a humid sunny day in New York and I was expecting to spend the entire day shooting with my freelance employer. The best/worst thing about freelance work is when there is none then you won’t be working. Luckily this day I did ended up not having to work. I immediately called Aaron and met him to do some spontaneous exploring. We decided to make a trip down to Chinatown.

On our trip to Sunset Park we noticed how unique the rooftops were in Chinatown. Every roof was covered with grafitti and the buildings were all different sizes and colors. As Aaron and I searched for our first roof we found a fire escape ladder to climb. We made our up the ladder and before we knew it we got to our first rooftop.

It turned out to be the same rooftops we saw while heading to Sunset Park. The rooftops were littered with laundry and satellite dishes. There seemed to be graffiti on every wall. The buildings also seem to connect like a huge playground. It almost appeared as if the buildings were made of legos and we were able to run from roof to roof.

After we were explored our first rooftop we gathered our gear and walked out the front door to try to find our next target.

We tried to find our next location the same way we found our first. Although it seemed that all fire escapes we found were to high or were very visible by the public. The last thing we wanted to do was be two white boys in Chinatown blatantly climbing up fire escapes.

So we decided to change our tactics…

Aaron and I took sometime to spot out some older buildings. We walked a few blocks and choose the best buildings. We walked to the front door and would try to the lock. We ran into plenty of locked doors and finally found a door that was unlocked. We walked in as if we lived there and made our way to the rooftop.

Once again we ran into mass amounts of graffiti and rooftops that seemed like a playground. As I hopped from roof to roof Aaron explored the view and the landscape. As I met back with Aaron I found him hanging over the roof photographing the street below.

And I found that it was a loooong way down….

We finished our exploring and went on a search for some food. We found a small hole in the wall selling dumplings and sat down. We ate like kings and only spent $6.50!

After our belly’s were full we headed back to Aarons scooter and made our way home. Good mission and definitely worth the trip

Til next time….thanks for reading!