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LOCATION: 53rd & 5th; NYC

Set in Gap’s project space on 5th ave is the first ever pop up shop for Cool Hunting. All the products featured are from independent companies located in the NY region. The store will be open til January 2nd.

Cool Hunting is a group of global editors working to bring people the latest innovations in design, technology, art and culture.


sidenote: this is the first post shot, written and published from my cell. Isn’t technology amazing?



LOCATION: Soho; New York City

Besides the surf, beautiful weather, the girls and lifestyle my favorite thing to come out of California is THE HUNDREDS….an amazing clothing line coming out of Los Angeles.

“THE HUNDREDS is a 2-part lifestyle project that houses both a clothing line and online-magazine. Co-founded by Ben and Bobby Hundreds in 2003, both ends of The Hundreds incorporate our trademark attitude and personal perspective on street subculture.”  – thehundreds.com

THE HUNDREDS just recently made it to the east coast and opened a new store in Manhattan, NY in Soho. Ironically…I spent three-ish years of my life in NY, before I moved to San Diego. Shortly after the move I discovered THE HUNDREDS. Then I discovered they decided to open a store in NYC. Well…I’m back in NY for the holidays and THE HUNDREDS was first on my list.


Check it out at 96 Grand St btw Mercer and Greene.

December 13, 2010, 1:50 am
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LOCATION: New York City

Once again thousands of santas, reindeer, elves, mrs claus’s, snowman, trees….um the kid from the christmas story…I think I saw a gargoyle….hmmm….gumby and pokey….candy canes….and any other christmas related costume you can think of took to the  streets of New York City.

The day started with Santa’s meeting at several starting points all across the NY Area. From their everyone was directed through twitter on when and where to move too. The two landmark areas this year were Bethesda Fountain in Central Park and Christopher & W4th st in Greenwich Village. The time between the time to meet at these locations were filled with the usual bar hopping and running through the streets to spread the christmas spirit.

This year seemed to not have as many landmark locations, which was disappointing, but was still crazy. There are rumors about a possible Santacon taking place in July, but this is only hinted at on their twitter account.

Its not officially the holiday season til victoria secret has their fashion show…and Santas run rampant in the streets of New York City! Til next year Santacon, thanks for the great times!

December 9, 2010, 5:28 pm
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In honor of the Christmas spirit…I present to you the new song book for SANTACON NYC. WARNING!!!! THIS BOOK IS NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN!!! STRICTLY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

This years carols can be found at this link (http://nycsantacon.com/santacon2010_carol_book.pdf)

“Santacon is a non-denominational, non-commercial, non-political and non-sensical Santa Claus convention that occurs once a year for absolutely no reaso n.” nycsantacon.com

Its basically thousands of Santas, elves, reindeers and Mrs. Claus’s running through the streets of NY. It will be held in NY and several other cities across the US, maybe even the world…I dont know…not to sure.

Ill be at the NYC Santacon this year on saturday for the second time. It will be and always has been insane. Expect a full article on the event in the near future. Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy the adult themed carols!

If your in the NY area and want to attend Santacon…you can find details about the event on the links below.


5POINTZ…..Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

During one of my last few days in NYC…I found myself wandering around Long Island City. I thought I saw all that could be seen, done, experienced in NY. Then I stumbled upon 5POINTZ. I was wrong.

I definitely have experienced a lot in my last 3 years in NY. I’ve been to the bottom of Brooklyn, to the tip of Long Island, been throughout the Bronx, experienced Staten Island, took a few trips upstate, and partied through Connecticut. Little did I know there was the mecca of graffiti right in front of me. Welcome to 5POINTZ.

While exploring the premises I found several artists working on new murals. There was also a photo shoot  taken place. Every single mural was gorgeous. The work covered from the ground to the roof. Almost every piece space available on the building was covered in graffiti. Ill let the photos speak for themselves. Below is a brief history followed by photos.

(The following was taken from wikipedia and can be found at this link…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5_Pointz)

5 Pointz: The Institute of Higher Burnin’[1] or the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc. is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca,” where aerosol artists from around the globe paint colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot factory building.[2] The complex owned by Long Island developer Gerald Wolkoff houses the Crane Street Studios in which 200 artists pay below market rents for studio space. In 2009 a 450-square foot studio was listed as renting for $600/month.[3]

On a side note….I have slowed down on how often I post new articles to my site. Although, I noticed that my daily traffic is increasing. So thank you for whoever is reading my blog and enjoying the photos. Keep checking back and more posts will be up soon. Thanks for reading!

SPOTTED – DOLK on Metropolitan & Union

LOCATION: Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY

A new piece was just recently installed on Metropolitan & Union. The piece was done by DOLK. Its located next to Marci Park and is definitely worth a trip to Brooklyn to see in person.

DOLK currently has a show with M CITY at the Brooklynite Gallery in Bed Stuy. More info about the show can be found here (http://www.brooklynitegallery.com/).

More posts to come soon….


LOCATION: Chinatown – Manhattan, NY

It was a humid sunny day in New York and I was expecting to spend the entire day shooting with my freelance employer. The best/worst thing about freelance work is when there is none then you won’t be working. Luckily this day I did ended up not having to work. I immediately called Aaron and met him to do some spontaneous exploring. We decided to make a trip down to Chinatown.

On our trip to Sunset Park we noticed how unique the rooftops were in Chinatown. Every roof was covered with grafitti and the buildings were all different sizes and colors. As Aaron and I searched for our first roof we found a fire escape ladder to climb. We made our up the ladder and before we knew it we got to our first rooftop.

It turned out to be the same rooftops we saw while heading to Sunset Park. The rooftops were littered with laundry and satellite dishes. There seemed to be graffiti on every wall. The buildings also seem to connect like a huge playground. It almost appeared as if the buildings were made of legos and we were able to run from roof to roof.

After we were explored our first rooftop we gathered our gear and walked out the front door to try to find our next target.

We tried to find our next location the same way we found our first. Although it seemed that all fire escapes we found were to high or were very visible by the public. The last thing we wanted to do was be two white boys in Chinatown blatantly climbing up fire escapes.

So we decided to change our tactics…

Aaron and I took sometime to spot out some older buildings. We walked a few blocks and choose the best buildings. We walked to the front door and would try to the lock. We ran into plenty of locked doors and finally found a door that was unlocked. We walked in as if we lived there and made our way to the rooftop.

Once again we ran into mass amounts of graffiti and rooftops that seemed like a playground. As I hopped from roof to roof Aaron explored the view and the landscape. As I met back with Aaron I found him hanging over the roof photographing the street below.

And I found that it was a loooong way down….

We finished our exploring and went on a search for some food. We found a small hole in the wall selling dumplings and sat down. We ate like kings and only spent $6.50!

After our belly’s were full we headed back to Aarons scooter and made our way home. Good mission and definitely worth the trip

Til next time….thanks for reading!