On December 4th Surfindian held their Christmas party with the opening reception for Damian Fulton….Damian Fulton’s beautifully vivid work gave a disturbing look into the not so serene side of surfing.

Damian Fulton grew up in the suburbs of the OC and had to travel 10 miles on a his Schwinn Stingray to even see surf. Damian’s travels through the urban landscape was far from the paradise one may think of when the surfing lifestyle comes to mind. His work depicts the struggles of battling the urban landscape, pollution, the fight against conformity, the fight for originality and the fight for freedom to enjoy a simple connection with nature through surfing.

These battles of Damian’s life to enjoy the freedom of surfing are clearly evident in a piece titled “Persecution”. The piece shows a female surfer running from objects in suits, expensive cars, police, pollution and computer chords. As the objects in chase are depicted in an almost a monotone shade of blue the woman is in vivid color, separating her from the conformity of everything trying to bring her down. The piece is shown below along with another piece titled “Revenge”.

Damian was also in attendance at the opening performing some live art in the form of a mural. Through out the show he continued to paint a portrait of a female indian on the exterior of the building. A rendition of the mural has also been made into a special edition t-shirt for sale at Surfindian.

Damian Fulton’s work was so incredibly complex, bright and intense that it can be enjoyed on so many levels. One can easily enjoy his work on the surrounding environments within his work. Although, I kept finding myself surprised to see a hidden piece made from everything taking place within his work. I noticed this most when I was reviewing my photos from the night, specifically his designs on a surfboard.

As a small photograph one can easily tell that it’s an image of Frankenstein composed of other images. While viewing this in person I was absorbed in each creature and object drawn onto the board that I lost the big picture. I was pleasantly surprised to come home and enjoy Damian’s work all over again through discovering something new.

Viewing Damian’s work was intense and I enjoyed becoming immersed in each of his pieces on display. I most likely spent over an hour going from each piece and closely examining all of  his work. Every piece seems to come to life and portray a story , and I enjoyed discovering each story Damain Fulton had to tell. The link below will take you to Damian Fultons personal website.


The party then continued outside the gallery. Surfindian had several hotrods on display including a beautiful Blown 29’ Roadster designed by Luis Loyola.

There was also music and custom made jewelry by Kustom Kulture Kouture on display in Surfindians shop located two doors down.



The entire event was catered by Dirty Birdz which is located between Surfindians gallery and shop.

The entire event was too much fun and was put on perfectly by Surfindian. If you live in the San Diego area I suggest you stop by Surfindian to see Damian Fultons work. At least make sure to get to their next opening, this was my second and its only getting better.

Exhibition Dates: December 4th – February 5th

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LOCATION: Houston & Bowery st NYC, NY

As any New Yorker who commonly visits soho the murals on Houston & Bowery seem to always define the neighborhood. From Keith Haring to Os Gemeos the wall on Houston represents a huge source of expression and art in a rather commercial neighborhood. As many have seen, the latest artist to take over the wall is none other than Shepard Fairy.

The new work has gotten plenty of attention, and not all of it positive. The Department of Buildings has dubbed the project illegal and slapped the project with a STOP WORK ORDER notice. In a thought of kindness they did paste the order on the side of mural. The mural has also gotten negative attention due to the fact that retired cops are guarding the work at night from taggers. Many other people believe  that the wall is not art but a billboard to advertise Fairey’s recent show MAY DAY exhibition at Deitch.

Wether you consider the mural art or an advertisement….hate it or love it…its Shepard Fairey. Keith Harings mural was incredible, Os Gemeos mural was amazing but when I saw Shepard Fairey a big smile came to my face.

The deep reds and impressive figures ad power to the wall. While I spent my time admiring the work I did not see one person not stop to take a closer look. The work seems to bring out the size of the wall and makes any spectator feel miniscule in comparison. I enjoy having the work there and seeing it everytime I pass Houston St. I hope people respect the work and let it stand in testimony to an artist who molded the industry.

After I spent some time at the mural I decided to stop by the OBEY pop up shop at 151 Orchard St.

I was hoping to pick up a print or two but none were on sale. So to add to my never ending tshirt collection I decided to buy one more. I found the design of the store to be excellent. The skate shops and clothing stores within the area all seem to have a hip hop urban fashion theme, which is fine by me but gets old fast. The OBEY pop up had a small rustic feel with wood burnt hangers, vintage persian rugs that seemed to be pulled from the trash, ripped black n white photos of Faireys work made into a collage on a section of wall and unframed photos of graffiti artists on another.

To top off the entire ambience the store was filled with music of old cool smooth jazz, not your recent Kenny G or Dave Koz but the classics like Miles Davis. Unfortunately the store will close May 16th. I wish this store could be a permanent fixture at this location. I’ll probably have to make another trip before it is gone for good.

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