Plain and simple….Palladium boots has been my original inspiration for exploring abandoned buildings. I always found abandonments to be intriguing, but I started to take the exploring more serious after falling in love with the boots and Palladiums backbone and style. Palladium recently released a new video with Pharrell exploring Tokyo. It has been out for sometime and is definitely worth a look. The video is a great insight into the art culture and society of Tokyo after the tragedy from the earthquake and tsunami on 3/11. TOKYO RISING also explores some amazing abandonments inside a city full of technology and color.



This recent video also inspired me to pick up a new pair of boots. The BLACK LEATHER BAGGY GUSSET. They are currently in the mail and will hopefully be in my hands (on my feet) soon.


So head on over to Palladiums website and check out their new video TOKYO RISING. Just follow the link below.



Ill be uploading some of my own explorations soon.

Thanks for reading.




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Palladium boots may have been your inspiration….but now your work is what is an inspiration. Looking forward to what’s to come.

Comment by Lifelong Artist

How much did they pay you for this post? The route towards capitalist commodification is the beginning of the end for every healthy, creative artistic practice. See http://www.domusweb.it/en/op-ed/the-fragmentation-of-urban-exploration/

Comment by Bradley L. Garrett

i got paid a nice lil sum of money…which cant be disclosed. kidding.

i like palladiums explorations. this is also an attempt to start regularly updating this blog, even if it not my entirely my work.

Comment by Timothy Becker

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