July 12, 2010, 2:05 am
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LOCATION – Bethlehem, PA

BRIEF HISTORY (Taken from wikipedia)

The Bethlehem Steel Corporation (1857–2003), based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was once the second-largest steel producer in the United States, after Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based U.S. Steel. After a decline in the U.S. steel industry and management problems leading to the company’s 2001 bankruptcy, the company was dissolved and the remaining assets sold to International Steel Group in 2003. In 2005, ISG merged with Mittal Steel, ending U.S. ownership of the assets of Bethlehem Steel.

For more info please visit this link….. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bethlehem_Steel


First off….sorry for the delay in posts. My mind has been very occupied lately with way to much everything. Because of everything I lost track of keeping up with my blog. So here I am forcing myself to put out a post before I head to bed. So here is my adventure at Bethlehem Steel…..ENJOY!

Awhile ago I was back in Pennsylvania clearing my head and visiting family. I was able to explore some areas while I was home. I was able to see Philadelphia Naval Yards, a few ruins in Manayunk, Centralia PA (post coming soon) and lastly Bethelehem Steel.

When I arrived I found that most of the visible sections of Bethlehem Steel was turned into a museum, which made it very populated with people constantly walking by the gates I needed to jump to enter the good parts. Finally the good time to scale the fence….and with one good jump I was in. I “burn noticed/alias’d” …..

DEF: Burn Noticed/Alias’d – To move along in a spy or secret agent way to avoid being caught. Taken from the nature of the two shows.

I burn noticed/alias’d my way along a wall to avoid being caught. I came to clearing where I could see the layout of the entire grounds. I noticed that each building was a good 50 yards apart from each other, and a good 50 yards from where I was standing. I also quickly noticed security guards constantly circling the grounds. I ducked down and waiting for security to pass. When the area was clear I took off like a sprinter in the 100 meter dash. It was the fastest and most silent Ive ever ran. When I made it to the first building I hid behind a wall til I knew the area was clear for me to explore.

The building was practically demolished. I couldn’t tell was it was used for or how it might have looked. It reminded me the Coliseum. Grayish red rocks with huge archways.

My next target was the next building I could see in running distance. I looked to my left then to my right. I took off as fast and “burn noticed/alias’d” as possible. Half way to my target a security car drove by. Stunned and thinking I was caught I took off even faster. I found a raised fence blocking the entrance to the next building and slid under as smoothly as possible. I found a dark corner and hid there for a good 5 minutes. I peaked outside and didn’t see any action from the security. I calmed down and began to explore.

The building I was in was incredibly creepy, damp, and appeared straight out of a horror movie. Pitch black hallways, stairwells that creaked without even being used. The entire building seem to talk the entire time I was in there.

I took my fill of the building and made my way out. My next and final target was the actual production facility. Unfortunately I noticed that it was heavily guarded with security and barbed fences. It was to difficult to enter. I decided to head back to the street and walk the border to see if there was a better entrance to the production facility. Every decent entrance was guarded by security, Bethlehem Steel did their homework on keeping the unwanted out.

I definitely learned a lot about the facilities, but did not get what I really came for. I will be returning soon and focusing strictly on the production facility. So keep checking for a part two of Bethlehem Steel. But for now….thanks for reading.


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