May 18, 2010, 11:52 pm

LOCATION: Lower East Side – New York, NY

I was recently down on Lower East Side of Manhattan, not workings and sort of bored. I had my camera on me and was interested in trying to get somewhere I was not allowed. I walked around for awhile and mainly noticed that the only places that would be interesting were rooftops or construction sites. It was around early afternoon so all construction sites were still active. I then started looking for the tallest most accessible building I could get too. During my trip to Chinatown I discovered that fire escapes were a good way of climbing buildings. Unfortunately, the Lower East Side is jam packed with people at all times of the day. Also almost every first floor was taken by a bar, shop, deli, salon, etc. I don’t think a store owner would want to see some kids legs dangling in front of their window, then discover me climbing their building.

I turned my direction to apartment buildings, and this is where I found my target…..

As I was walking up Ludlow I noticed an older women leave her apartment building. She proceeded to prop the front door open for it not to lock. I slowed my stroll  and when she was clear of view I entered the building.

The building interior was typical, nothing to special. I walked up the steps as if I lived there and eventually made my way to the roof. I exited onto the rooftop and took a look around.

Everything seemed pretty typical. The rooftop was decently clean. There was not a lot f graffiti. There was though a lot of wires, but not a big deal. The rooftop was cool, but what made this trip once again was the view. I had a great view of Manhattan in every single direction. It was a beautiful sunny day which made the city gorgeous.

So I sat up on the roof and enjoyed the view…..

I hung my feet over the edge….and looked down….

I enjoyed the warmth…enjoyed the view….then left knowing I found what I came for.

Til next time….thanks for reading!


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“I walked up the steps as if I lived there”….I love it! That is such a Becker thing to do. It’s amazing how often people will allow you to do/enter/be something if you just look official or comfortable, or “as if you lived there”….nice going Tim.

Comment by dennis b.

I love random little finds like that. It is interesting how a rooftop which might be totally mundane to those that live there becomes someone else’s playground for the day.

Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Bradley Garrett

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