LOCATION: Chinatown – Manhattan, NY

It was a humid sunny day in New York and I was expecting to spend the entire day shooting with my freelance employer. The best/worst thing about freelance work is when there is none then you won’t be working. Luckily this day I did ended up not having to work. I immediately called Aaron and met him to do some spontaneous exploring. We decided to make a trip down to Chinatown.

On our trip to Sunset Park we noticed how unique the rooftops were in Chinatown. Every roof was covered with grafitti and the buildings were all different sizes and colors. As Aaron and I searched for our first roof we found a fire escape ladder to climb. We made our up the ladder and before we knew it we got to our first rooftop.

It turned out to be the same rooftops we saw while heading to Sunset Park. The rooftops were littered with laundry and satellite dishes. There seemed to be graffiti on every wall. The buildings also seem to connect like a huge playground. It almost appeared as if the buildings were made of legos and we were able to run from roof to roof.

After we were explored our first rooftop we gathered our gear and walked out the front door to try to find our next target.

We tried to find our next location the same way we found our first. Although it seemed that all fire escapes we found were to high or were very visible by the public. The last thing we wanted to do was be two white boys in Chinatown blatantly climbing up fire escapes.

So we decided to change our tactics…

Aaron and I took sometime to spot out some older buildings. We walked a few blocks and choose the best buildings. We walked to the front door and would try to the lock. We ran into plenty of locked doors and finally found a door that was unlocked. We walked in as if we lived there and made our way to the rooftop.

Once again we ran into mass amounts of graffiti and rooftops that seemed like a playground. As I hopped from roof to roof Aaron explored the view and the landscape. As I met back with Aaron I found him hanging over the roof photographing the street below.

And I found that it was a loooong way down….

We finished our exploring and went on a search for some food. We found a small hole in the wall selling dumplings and sat down. We ate like kings and only spent $6.50!

After our belly’s were full we headed back to Aarons scooter and made our way home. Good mission and definitely worth the trip

Til next time….thanks for reading!


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