A brief history…

A point of departure for record-breaking flights of famous aviators, including Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes, Floyd Bennett Field — part of Gateway National Recreation Center – opened in 1931 as New York’s first municipal airport. This storied area is now open to the public. It offers visitors the chance to learn about the history of aviation and escape from the nearby hustle of the city.

Floyd Bennett Field was built originally on Barren Island in Jamaica Bay, and was later connected to the mainland with landfill under the guidance of Robert Moses. The airfield was named for naval aviator and Brooklyn resident Floyd Bennett, who was the first person to fly over the North Pole. After serving as the city’s municipal airport, Floyd Bennett Field was converted to a Naval Air Station in 1941. It was the most active airport in the United States during World War II, and it has an important place in the history of military aviation.

The historic control tower and terminal at Floyd Bennett Field has been converted into the site’s visitor ‘s center. From the top of the tower, enjoy a spectacular view of Floyd Bennett Field and Jamaica Bay. Exhibits and interpretive programs celebrate the people and historical events connected with Floyd Bennett Field. The runways are now popular with model airplane enthusiasts and cyclists while acres of restored grassy fields give nature lovers a chance to explore the wildlife in their own back yards.




Personal history….

As I was sitting editting photos and publishing my last few post at 2am friday night, I began to wonder where my next trip would be. As I was almost finished my two roommates walked through the front door. The one noticed what I was doing and instantly began telling me stories of places I should visit. As he is rattling off several places he tells me of the time he was almost arrested at Floyd Bennett Air Field. Apparently he was confused for some other people that were using the airfield to shoot bondage porn. As he was telling me about being chased through the air field with guards screaming “ITS DEM DAMN KIDS AGAIN AND THEIR POOOOORN!” I knew I had to see this place for myself. I tell Aaron and the next day we make the trip. As we get there we notice that it wasn’t as abandoned as we thought. The make shift parking lot is littered with cars and a high school football game was in full swing. I didn’t pay much attention and just was happy that the space was being used for something positive. Aaron and I park and take a quick look around and find several hangers off in the distance that were definately in decay. We had in that direction and find the easiest way inside.

Id have to say my one problem with exploring modern day ruins, is that my mind runs wild with what could be found. Since we were visiting a semi abandoned airfield I assumed giant rusting planes would be scattered everywhere. Unfortunately all we saw was huge empty warehouses with greenery growing through floors and ceilings falling to the ground. It was definately not what I expected, but it also wasnt a complete failure. The one story warehouses were huge and the weeds growing through the ground added a weird sort of battle between man and nature. Aaron and I made sure to explore the entire building and documented the entire trip.

As we were leaving we decided to see what all the sports commotion was about and stopped to look at the game. As we looked around all of a sudden Queens, NY turned into middle America. In every direction we saw mothers with families piling into minivans, kids hauling sports equipment and drunken fathers crowded around a make shift bar. As we observed all the family commotion we noticed a building in which everybody was exiting from. The building was an old hanger but when we entered we saw it was now a giant sports complex. There was arcades in the distance, wall climbing to my left, moon bounces to my right, ice hockey rinks and public skating rinks. There was also a dozen or more young girls running wildly through an upstairs section in princess costumes, most likely a birthday party. The idea that were exploring abandoned ruins no more than 300 yards away from a thriving sports complex was amazing to me.

So there Aaron and I were in a sports complex in Queens, NY. I tried my hardest to get him to go ice skating with me, but he doesn’t see the fun in going around in a circle. It was a good trip with many discoveries which were completely unexpected. Enjoy the photos!



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The sense of beauty again is captured in a not so appealling location to most….I have not been so inspired in a very long time…to the artists who have created this magnifigance…I applaud you.

Comment by KRBecker

Where did you find that truck?! We have to go back!

Comment by Aaron

The idea of what you’re doing fascinates me. But further still, the imagery you are capturing is magnificent. Simply extraordinary. It takes a special eye and heart to do what you are doing. You have both. I want to see more as you continue. Go safely on your journey and explorations.

Comment by Lifelong Artist


Comment by ERIC

Amazing images, I love exploring abandoned sites and your photo’s clearly show why it’s so much fun. Keep up the good work.

Comment by Crystal Domino

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