LOCATION: Red Hook – Brooklyn, NY

A brief history…

The grain terminal was once used for washing, drying and storing grain. The grain was then shipped and used at breweries along the east river. The building has been mainly abandoned for the past four decades and is slowly falling into the river. There are possible plans to turn the building into a concrete production facility.

Personal history…

This was my first true infiltration of an abandoned building. I was completely unaware of this factory until recently. The outside of the building was almost completely sealed. It was difficult to find an easy entrance. In order to get into the building I had to boulder along the water to enter through a decaying wall. I made sure to explore every floor of the building until I was at the top. While exploring the top floor I found and open window and was all of a sudden on the roof. I could see for miles in each direction. The weather was beautiful and so were the views. I did not enjoy the high gusts of wind and the cracking sound beneath my feet. I took one more look in every direction and left the roof. The entire exploration was fun until I decided to leave the building. With all the excitement of a new place to explore I forgot to realize that the river rises at night. As I left for the entrance to head home I saw that all my secure rocks were now covered with 3 feet of water. I slowly panicked and began banging on any sealed window hoping one would budge. With the sun almost set and after about 15 minutes of trying every window one finally came undone and I was free.




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Leaves me breathless! So inspiring!

Comment by KRBecker

Pretty cool pictures, the angles are interesting (and so is the locale).

If I may though, I would’ve upped the contrast in photoshop just to jazz the pictures a little bit.

Comment by jasmincormier

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