May 2, 2010, 4:54 am
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Hey! Welcome!

A brief summary…..

My friend and I are both photographers and enjoy photographing interesting places. We both enjoy exploring abandoned ruins and searching for unique architecture within New York, wether it be within the city or further out to LI and upstate. Together we search out interesting places, we infiltrate places were not always suppose to be and we document our entire trip.

A brief bio…

I am a 26yr old male currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I was born in Winchester, VA. I was raised in Berks County PA. I am photographer mainly working with outdoor advertising agencies. I also assist occasionally on commercial shoots.

I have always been intrigued by what may be around the corner. On occasion I may find myself bored and just start walking/skating/running in a certain direction and push myself to see what is around a turn or over a hill. That is probably why I enjoy urban exploration. As I find myself walking through ruins of modern day buildings I catch myself envisioning the place as it once was. I see the rooms alive with people moving through the hall ways. I see boxes being loaded in shipping yards and workers sweating to make a living. Along with the past I see what is in front of me and take it as a challenge to see how high I can climb or how far I will go to explore whatever mission I am on.

Partner in crime….

I usually have a partner with me on my trips. He is a 29yr old male currently living in Soho in NYC.

Unfortunately he got the brilliant idea that it will be amazing to move to Greece. So he will be leaving us shortly. Hopefully he can contribute by adding posts from Greece and make this blog international.

What are MISSIONS….

Missions are any piece of architecture wether abandoned or active we try to infiltrate and document. See MISSION 1 – GLENWOOD POWER PLANT (coming soon) for an example.

Please feel free to comment and hopefully even contribute. We are only two people and can only cover so much ground.

Thanks for reading!


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